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Revolutionizing Special Education in Charter Scools



About FLSpEC

We're a nonprofit organization of education professionals committed to providing quality, comprehensive supports for charter schools so that they may effectively serve special populations.

We offer onsite consulting and technical assistance to support full compliance with federal and state requirements. Our professional development opportunities assist schools in creating an inclusive environment with rigorous academic supports for all students. 

We're committed to fostering a collaborative relationship between charter schools and school districts so that, together, we can provide the very best to Florida's students, regardless of background or ability. 


Revolutionizing special education in Charter schools


Special Education Supports Specifically for Charter Schools

Onsite  Consulting: Customizable, school-wide pedagogical support (3-hour visit).

Onsite Workshop: Fully customizable 2-hour staff workshop.

Compliance Audit: Comprehensive, confidential audit of special education, program, instruction, and compliance.


Leadership & Legal Supports

Compliance Issues: One-on-one assistance navigating and addressing escalating compliance issues. 

Professional Counsel regarding Legal Issues in Special Education

Policy Development Assistance 


Professional Development & Authorizer Resources

Best Practices Trainings and Workshops

Compliance Trainings

Monthly Webinars on Special Education Issues

Authorizer Resources

  • Rubrics for Assessing Special Education Capacity in Charter Schools 
  • Complying with ESE Policies and Procedures in Charter Schools.

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Whether you're a charter school principal looking for special education professional development and guidance or an authorizer looking to maximize special education capacity in charter schools, FLSPEC can help!